Dear Associate,

Poussé Management Services Pvt. Ltd ( hereafter read as Poussé )has clear terms and conditions for associates working with Poussé and it is applicable to all the associates.

1. Documents submission:
Following documents needs to be submitted by an Associate to HR department for issuance of FTC ( Fixed Term contract )

  • a. Latest Resume / Bio data
  • b. 2 Passport Size Photographs
  • c. Photocopy of Residential Proof / Driving Licence - Mandatory
  • d. Photocopy of Education Proof
  • e. Photocopy of Pan Card - Mandatory
  • f. Photo Copy of ADDHAR Card - Mandatory
  • g. In case of ESI member, Photocopy of ESI card
  • h. PF Account number if currently covered under PF
  • i. Cancelled Cheque of currently operating bank account - Mandatory
  • j. Last 3 month’s Payslip (If employed previously )

Please note that to claim Provident Fund, it is mandatory to give Aadhar Card no., PAN card No. and cancelled cheque. In absence of these documents, PF claim may not get processed

2. Change in Contact Details:
It is in your interest that you would keep your company informed about change in residence address OR Mobile number OR mail id as soon as there is a change. In absence of non-communication about the change, you may be at loss for not receiving important communication from the company.

3. Non-Criminal Record:
Your appointment is based on the assumption that you have never been charged with any criminal offences under the Indian Penal code or any other law in force. In case you are so charged during the period of association with us, or if any past record of your having been so charged come to light, your appointment will stand terminated automatically and instantly.

4. Salary Processing:
Salary would be processed basis your attendance given by our client on monthly basis. Company would remit salary only in your bank account by NEFT. No cheque / cash payment would be done. Therefore, at the time of joining, it is mandatory to send “ cancelled cheque “ for us to receive correct bank details. In case, you do not have a bank account, you need to open new savings bank account in your name for receiving salary. Your Salary / Earnings would be subject to applicable tax laws and any other statutory deductions as applicable from time to time.

5. Salary deductions:
An associate payslip may show following deductions as standard deductions. However, an associate need to check his appointment letter and depending on salary structure, deductions may differ.

  • a. Standard statutory deductions are PF, ESI and Professional tax
  • b. Income tax as per IT act
  • c. In case of excess leave taken , leave treated as LWP (Leave Without Pay)
  • d. Other deductions e.g. excess money claimed over and above approved limits of expenses

6. Performance Appraisal, Increment and Promotion:
Performance appraisal, Increment and Promotions would be based on self-performance. It would also be client’s prerogative to deal with these matters as functionally, all associates would be reporting to the client officials

7. Reporting:
In the day to day functioning or carrying out all the responsibilities, you will receive instruction from Client Company officials and you are liable to adhere to the same. Reporting time and approval of Leave would be governed by the client’s requirements and an associate is expected to follow the same.

8. Training:
You shall also abide to undergo any training that may be offered to you by the client during the tenure of this contract.

9. Guidelines - Leave entitlement:
8.1 Leave Policy - Objective:
8.1.1 Poussé Management Services believes that employees should have opportunities to enjoy time away from work to help balance their professional and personal lives. The Company encourages all employees to spend time with family for leisure, taking care of personal work, or rest due to medical reasons.
8.1.2 The policy outlines the, the applicability, rules and procedures with regard to consumption and approval of leave.
8.2 Applicability:
2.1 This policy is applicable for all associates of Poussé.
8. 3.1 All associates are eligible for an annual leave of 21 working days.
8. 3.2 When an associate serves the Company for part of a year, he/she is entitled to annual leave on a pro-rata basis calculated for every completed month of service.
8.3.3 All employees are entitled to Annual leave from their DOJ on a prorata basis. (1.75 days for each completed month).
8.3.4 Leave calendar for Annual leave will be from January to December.
8.3.5 Only working days to be taken as leave days. Thus, even if a weekly off or holiday is prefixed and suffixed with leave, the weekly off shall not be counted as leave day. Thus if one takes leave from Tuesday through to Friday with the Wednesday and Thursday in between being holidays, the number of leaves consumed shall be only two while the employee would be away from work for four days.
8.4 Maternity Leave:
8.4.1 Maternity leave at Poussé shall be administered as per the prevailing Law/Act.
8.4.2 Eligible expecting women employees are entitled to maximum of 84 days of maternity leave.
8.4.3 All intervening holidays and weekends falling during this period of maternity leave are counted.
8.5. Extended Leave and Absconding:
8.5.1 Any associate remains absent without information for more than 8 days (including weekly offs, Public Holidays) would be considered as he/ she has left the job voluntarily and services would be terminated with immediate effect.
8.5.2 In case, an associate has extended leave for more than 8 days over an above, approved leave, it would be considered as a case of absconding and services could be terminated with immediate effect.
Leave would be applicable to the associate basis their deputation or client’s work location. Your immediate supervisor would approve your leave or other responsible authority assigned by the client.

10. Working hours:
Working hours are strictly regulated by the client basis their business requirement and an associate would need to follow the same if an appointment is accepted. Poussé would not have role to play in this aspect of the employment

11. Appearance and Attire:
An associate is expected to ware decent clothes, neat and clean, while at workplace in office or field. Associate represents the company and should leave good impression. It is important for any associate to present him / her in an appropriate dress and behavior

12. Caution:
An associate would ensure that while carrying out their duties on the premises of The Company shall observe the standards of decorum laid down by The Company or its authorised person. An associate would not do anything, which in the opinion of The Company may be or become a nuisance or annoyance or danger or which adversely affect the property, reputation or the interest of The Company.

13. Sexual Harassment Policy:
Poussé Management Services Pvt. Ltd, is an equal employment opportunity company and is committed to creating healthy working environment that enables employees to work without fear of prejudice, gender bias and sexual harassment at the work place or other than work place if involving an associate is a grave offence and is therefore punishable and service of culprit could be terminated with immediate effect. In the situation, degree of offence coverable under the Indian Penal Code, then appropriate action shall be initiated by the Management for making a Police Complaint with the help and co-operation of the Complainant.

14. Engagement:
You are required to engage yourself exclusively in the work assigned by Poussé and shall not take up any independent or individual assignments (whether the same is part time or full time, in an honorary capacity or otherwise) directly or indirectly. In case, if it comes to light, necessary disciplinary action would be taken against an associate involved

15. Resignation:
If an associate wish to resign from the services of the company, s/he should give notice of 30 / 60 days ( as per clause given in Fixed Term Contract ) in writing. In case, notice not given as desired, company reserves right to collect notice pay (Basic salary ) from Full and Final Settlement of an associate

16. Full & Final Settlement:
An associate will be receiving his full and final settlement dues on or before 45 days from the date, company receives Clearance Certificate from the client. Client would give clearance certificate by mail / letter to Poussé acknowledging that Prior to leaving an organization, associate has done proper hand over of all files, Instruction manuals, Confidential documents, Company brochure, Price lists, Company bag, Merchandising material, Cell phone / Hand Held, stationery, passwords and any other property in his/her possession to the immediate supervisor / Manager. It is mandatory for all associates to handover company assets to the concerned officials for Poussé to process Full & Final Settlement
An associate would receive his salary (after adjustment of notice period, if notice given for less period than suggested in an appointment letter), Expense reimbursement and any other payment as applicable.
Provident Fund ( PF ) claim would be processed as per rule on submission of various forms as applicable. HR department can help an associate to let him / her know the applicability and suggest forms to be filled for processing PF.

17. Relieving Letter:
An associate would be given relieving letter on or after his DoL ( Date of Leaving ) as per resignation letter. In case, if there are issues w.r.t. Hand over, company may not issue relieving letter, but, may give acceptance on resignation letter.

18. Prohibited Substances:
No associate should use, possess, distribute, sell or be under the influence of while alcohol or any unprescribed controlled substance or any intoxicating or banned substance. The possession of alcohol, unprescribed controlled substance, drug or paraphernalia, firearms, explosives, weapons and other hazardous substances would also be viewed seriously and services of such associate/s may be terminated with immediate effect.