Why Choose Pousse?

Services For Associates Terms and Conditions For Employment

At Pousse, we are committed to offer the best results that we reach upon after extensive consultation with our clients, analysing the perfect match as per criteria. We at Pousse Management Services, will help you with the best HR services across the country, with our custom-made solutions designed for companies operating with a standard HR module.

Some other important reasons to choose us are, seamless alignment with the company having an uncompromised ethical work code, 100% statutory compliance, team of savvy experts to strategize & implement each assignment.

Pousse offer comprehensive services with a clear time line. Speed and Quality are the major drivers, driving the company to deliver its best in specified time. Our client can depend on us for the task given. Poussé is known for timely and complete delivery of pre-set objectives.


Digitization is of integral essence to the contemporary human resource scenario. We at Pousse, understand just how important it is and which is why, we have digitized entire processes of on-boarding, management & attendance of third-party associates, among others.


Dastavej is Sanskrit word for a 'document'. This application manages entire lifestyle of an employee in an organisation , from collection of all KYC documents while on-boarding an employee to full and final settlement of an employee. Each aspect of life cycle is managed through an application Datavej.


Our exclusive e-attendance application aids in managing all attendance-related aspects of third-party associates including leave management, reimbursement of expense etc. HAZIRI will help save precious time of Organizations, enabling them to focus further on core operations, whilst getting access to all required information about the outsourced team/s, as & when required.


Many organizations’ growth is restricted due to shortage of manpower for servicing clients. Pousse, manages recruitment through a professional team & helps companies grow by deploying people in time with desired skill & location.


Pousse manages its business on latest payroll software delivering payroll services month after month – Accurate, complete & timebound.


No cash or cheque payments. Pousse pays salaries, reimburses expense, incentives, bonuses amid others, only through NEFT.


As mentioned earlier, Pousse has an edge over others when it comes to Statutory Compliance as most activities are digitised which it helps to comply with the law of the land to the fullest.


We ensure speedy solution to issues pertaining to Provident Fund, ESI, ID Card, Permission letter for Modern trade store and so on.


Pousse offers professional closure of an associate’s account in case of an exit by settling full & final account, providing issuance of service certificate or relieving letter and giving assistance to transfer provident fund and the rest.

All in all, Pousse Management Services will be your ideal partner for managing your hiring, payroll and employee operations allowing you to save your time and focus on core business functions.