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7 Key Benefits of Managed Service Program

Today, business has become complex and client requires addressing various issues in the market place. POUSSE Management Services offers very unique services MSP to her clients by servicing projects of client’s with specific needs.

1. Access to a large team of experts

Outsourcing your IT function to a Managed Service Provider gives you instant access to a fully trained and skilled IT department. Most MSP’s have teams in place to deal with network issues, cloud computing, telephony, software, hardware, consultancy, connectivity and IT security.

2. Working with an MSP can have dramatic cost savings

As the previous point states, employing an expert in every technology discipline is unsustainable for most SMEs. Having a team of experts, you can call on when you need help or advice is a far better use of company funds.

3. High service levels and guaranteed SLAs

Most MSPs work to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Having tight pre-agreed deadlines provides clients with peace of mind and reduces the amount of downtime when issues arise, particularly useful when critical infrastructure goes down.

4. Proactive support and maintenance

Managed Service Provider’s typically don’t work to the traditional break-fix model of IT support. Reputable firms will have invested in Remote Monitoring & Maintenance tools that continuously scan and resolve a large number of network issues on the fly.

5. Simplified budget and cost management

MSP’s usually charge a set monthly fee for core service provision. Knowing you will receive excellent levels of service during business hours with no interruptions such as staff illness, holidays or personnel changes offers a great deal of reassurance.

6. Economies of scale

Leveraging vendor relationships to receive competitive pricing and the inside track on latest hardware and software deals is another advantage of partnering with a Managed Service Provider. Managing the IT estate for multiple client organisations enables companies like us to achieve economies of scale when purchasing equipment and services from trusted providers

7. Strategic planning support

Managing relationships is central to a successful Managed Service Provider/client partnership. Our Technical Account Managers visit clients to ensure they are informed and have a regular point of contact to provide feedback, plan projects and manage future IT strategy & budgets.
POUSSE’s MSP team could be one of the most important weapons for clients who look for specialized set of people,who could understand, strategize and implement the plan precisely in the market place.

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