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How to retain great Employees?

Employee retention is vital to the long term health and success of your business. Managers are aware that retaining their best staff members ensures customer satisfaction, product sales and satisfied coworkers.
Being the leading HR Service provider in Mumbai India, POUSSE always believe in retaining great employees as it consumes time, money, and loss of knowledge, insecure coworkers and costly recruitment processes.

4 Great Ways to Retain Great Employees

1. Establish Growth Opportunities

Before hiring, take a look at your company. Make it your supremacy to study the internal environment first to see if there are any existing employees who could fit and excel into this new position. Make sure your employees are aware of internal job position and have a chance to apply for them if they are interested. Ensure you discuss your employee’s futures openly and frequently and involve them as you discuss their abilities, choices and productive ideas. Employees will enhance greatly from specific feedback with examples of their performance and guidance on where they can improve.

2. Quality of Supervision

The quality of the surveillance an employee receives is vital to employee retention. More often than not employee usually leaves their jobs due to their managers and supervisors. Even if the senior management teams are refined people, without determining clear expectations of the employee the supervisor will have a vital role to play in retention.

3. Ability to Speak Their Mind

The ability of the employee to speak their mind freely is another vital key factor in employee retention. Ensure you company requires ideas and provides an environment in which people feel comfortable providing feedback. Employees offer great deep insights, feel free to share feedback on their ideas and offer them continuous improvement. Listen to your employees, use their ideas and never humiliate or dishonor them.

4. Get them Connected

Employees will leave if they do not feel connected with others in the organization. Employees curl and grow when they have a group of colleagues who can support them, offer valuable information, help them, or simply just be there to listen to them. Managers need to consider to strength the bonds between people in their teams and others within the organization. Employers need to link with others to get their jobs done productively. Ask staff who else within the company they could be talking to, to help them optimize their role.
Provide quick and specific acknowledgement of work well done and make it personal. Let them know why it was of value to the entire team and the company and also, try and recognize the achievement at a staff meeting and during RNR. Show your employees you value and respect their opinions but asking for their input on decisions, work processes and business direction. Involving your employer in company projects will make employees feel respected and valued almost all the time.

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