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Customer Profile

The company is one of the leading FMCG Company and has made her place in the most competitive market in the space of baby care and cosmetic business.

Business Challenges

  • An App service provider had limitations in terms of overall application, especially – Poor User Interface, very slow implementation of modification required
  • Due to slow modification, organisation was not able to implement changes to align growth or required MIS
  • At one time, it became major impediment to the growth

Solutions Offered

  • Pousse team understood the problem thoroughly and made presentation with what kind of App can be offered – User Interface, Other features,
  • Discussed solutions with the client
  • Deployed recruitment manager & team to ensure speedy deployment of un-skilled and semi-skilled manpower
  • Appointed full time implant supervisors in both shifts to align warehouse operations in terms of on-boarding process and attendance, discipline, absenteeism etc.
  • Timely on-boarding process coupled with accurate and timely attendance provision to the payroll team.


  • Recruitment challenge reduced to almost Zero. Ongoing vacancies of about 60 to 80 employees ceased to exist. This resulted in high productivity in terms of packaging and loading – unloading of stocks and dispatches
  • Implant Supervisors helped to address issues of associates on the floor resulting in Nil IR issues
  • On-time on-boarding process and timely payroll management helped to streamline salaries paid to associates and complete 100% statutory compliance

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